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 Thigh Lift

If your best efforts at diet and exercise haven’t been able to prevent the skin on your thighs from rubbing together or saddlebags from forming on the outer thighs, then a thigh lift can help contour the skin on your thighs, removing excess skin and fat and leaving smoother skin and better shape.

A thigh lift, sometimes known as a thighplasty, is a popular procedure for patients who have lost skin elasticity around the thigh and hip areas.   Often the effects of aging or significant weight loss can leave the upper portion of the legs flabby, dimpled, or sagging. A thigh lift tightens the skin leaving smoother shapelier legs.

Patients considering a thigh lift typically desire:

  • to improve the contour of thighs
  • to improve the looks of skin that has been dimpled and stretched
  • to remove excess skin and reshape the thigh following significant weight loss

In some cases, a thigh lift is combined with liposuction, providing a more complete means of contouring the thighs for a shapely and toned result. If you would like more information about thigh lift, please call our office to schedule a consultation.

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